For those wondering what will be our situation moving into the future, according to President Thompson the fall semester, 123rd term, is set to begin on August 19th. The dorms will open on the 17th. Pray that we will be able to follow through. 

2020 graduation has been moved to Saturday, August 22nd. Everyone is excited. We do not know yet how "open" we can be with graduation. Our registrar, Bobbi Bishop, has gone the extra mile in keeping everyone on track.

2020 Homecoming has been scheduled for October 2, 2020, barring COVID-19 difficulties. All alumni please plan to come!

We continue to lift up Jesus and to declare that He is the Lord. Holmes Memorial Church has re-opened for Sunday Mornings, and is still streaming the a.m. worship service. Pray for us as we move forward, that God will permit the re-opening of Holmes' resident campus on August 17th.

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